Terms & Conditions of Trade

1.               INTERPRETATION

a. Seller means Goldmajor Group the trading name of Goldmajor Ltd.

b. Buyer means other party contracting with seller.

c. Goods means the goods purchased by buyer.


2.               GENERAL

These terms and conditions of trade supersede any prior agreement between the Buyer and the Seller and override all other terms and conditions of the Buyer.


3.               PRICES

All prices quoted are net ex factory and do not include VAT (which will be charged at the prevailing rate) or postage and packing, which form an additional charge. The Seller reserves the right to review prices as and when necessary. The Seller will undertake to ensure clear pricing systems and policy in relation to metal movement. A surcharge may be introduced in the event of an increase/movement in input material prices. The Seller reserves the right to amend prices without notice.

Any single order valued at £500 net or more may, however, be delivered within the United Kingdom carriage paid.


4.               OWNERSHIP

Title in these goods shall remain with the Seller and shall not pass to the Buyer until the amount due under the invoice for them and all other monies due to the Seller have been paid in full or as the Seller otherwise agrees in writing. Until title passes to the Buyer, the goods shall be held by the Buyer as the Sellers fiduciary agent and bailee and shall be stored or marked so that they can be identified as the property of the Seller. The Seller shall be entitled at any time without notice or demand to repossess goods and for that purpose or the purpose of inspecting goods to enter any premises where goods are stored. In the event of such repossession the Seller shall have the right to dispose of goods in such manner as in its sole discretion it thinks fit. The proceeds from any such disposal shall be applied by the Seller towards all amounts due to it by the Buyer. If the goods are wholly or partly resold before such monies are paid, the Seller shall be entitled to the proceeds thereof or the claim to such proceeds and the Buyer shall hold such proceeds separate from all other funds in trust for the Seller. The Buyer undertakes to ensure that stock control records are not removed until such time as such goods are sold to a third party.


5.               TERMS OF PAYMENT

Our standard terms are net 30 days following the date of invoice. We offer a  standard prompt payment discount of 5% for settlement within 7 days. The Seller reserves the right to place a surcharge on all overdue accounts at a rate of 12% per annum.


6.               CANCELLATION

The Buyer may not without the Sellers prior written consent cancel any order or part of an order already placed with the Seller. The Seller will not accept any return of merchandise unless agreed specifically in writing in advance.


7.               CLAIMS

All goods are to be inspected immediately on delivery. Any complaints must be sent to the Seller within 7 working days of receipt of the goods, otherwise no responsibility for the return of goods can be accepted. Faulty or unserviceable goods will be exchanged or credited within a specified number of working days from receipt by the Seller. Such goods should be notified as faulty by the Buyer and returned within an agreed number of working days of delivery. (Unsold goods will not be accepted for credit by the Seller).


8.               COPYRIGHT

All documents, drawings, photographs and patterns supplied by the Seller are copyright and confidential and shall not be given, loaned or sold without the express permission of the Seller in writing.


9.               GOODS ON APPROVAL

Goods loaned to the Buyer on approval must be returned to the Seller within 14 days, failing which they may or will be invoiced firm. Goods returned to the Seller from approval are subject to a refinishing charge where applicable. These goods are delivered on the express condition that they remain the property of the Seller, until paid for, the Buyer in the meantime being responsible for loss or damage, however caused, to ensure their safekeeping.


10.            DISCOUNT AND LEVIES

No rebate, retrospective discount, promotional levy, or target achievement payment may be charged to the Seller unless such an arrangement has been agreed at the start of the transaction.


11.            COPYING

The Seller reserves the copyright on all designs, and they may not be given or loaned without the permission of the Seller in writing.


12.            DISPUTES

Jurisdiction in the event of a dispute between the Seller and the Buyer is to be under English Law.


13.            ACCEPTANCE OF TERMS

The Buyer is deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions of the Seller and its associated companies upon delivery of the goods into the premises of the Buyer.


14.            OPENING AN ACCOUNT

Customers with no account facilities are required to pay on a proforma basis.

Two trade references and bankers references are required.