About Goldmajor - our story

Sterling Silver Amber Jewellery

Established in 1985, Celebrating 33 years



    Goldmajor stands for global jewellery.

    We were the first company to market amber in the UK as well as being able to offer you one of the largest collections of sterling silver amber jewellery in the UK.

    To compliment the Amber selection we have the exciting and innovative JW Design range with many plain silver design-led pieces to stone sets and to add even more variety we can also include our Marcasite selection, with all this at your disposal we are confident we can fulfil a wide range of your requirements


    For a better insight into Goldmajor we have included a few clips from magazine interviews


    (Taken from an interview in GrowthBusiness.co.uk )


    You can blaze a trail

     I began my career as a manager for a jewellery manufacturing company, and went on to found Goldmajor. I realised there was a demand for design-led amber jewellery, but that it wasn’t that popular – it used to have a granny feel to it. To make my mark I would have to produce exquisite pieces at affordable prices, so I set about sourcing bright young designers who understood current fashion trends. I also had strong contacts in Poland (amber emanates from the Polish Baltic Sea) and used these to source manufacturing deals. Goldmajor became the first company to market amber supplying the home market. Today, I reckon we have 50 per cent of the market in the UK.


    Experience is the best teacher you can have

    I’ve been in the jewellery trade for thirty years, and I’ve honestly learnt that the only sound footing in business is to be out there doing it. We are in a product and sales business where the only way to learn is by experience. For instance, I wish I’d always known to keep a very tight buying regime, because we carry a high level of stock (a million pounds-plus). Usually there’s an 80/20 ratio in this business. You sell 80 per cent of your stock, and you are left with 20 per cent. Crucially, I’ve learnt how to provide everyone with what they need in particular areas of jewellery, and to be able to tell which items are the ones that will ‘fly’ out of shops.


    Involve your staff in the company’s development

    If you are going to stay ahead of the competition, it’s just as crucial to involve your staff – I work with them to get their perspective on customer needs and internal company challenges. Regular brainstorm sessions are arranged to create new ideas which would differentiate and improve their services. As a result, staff morale is high and the whole company works as a complete team, providing support when needed.



    (Taken from an interview in Professional Jeweller Magazine)


    Amber jewellery supplier MD on the changing jewellery industry.

     Amidst the uncertainty currently enveloping the retail sector, Goldmajor managing director Bob Rontaler gives his view on the changes that could occur over the next year.


     How do you feel your current collection reflects that it is your twenty fifth year in the industry?

     Our collections are always in tune with market needs and trends. We evolve with the market. Our collections have come a long way, from supplying jewellery that was available to creating and vetting collections, to even setting trends, especially in stone combinations and colours.


    Have sales continued to grow over the past few months and has the fluctuating price of metals impacted at all on this?

    Sales are static and with no growth, price is a factor. We have to absorb all price increases, except with gold – here sales are poor. This is the reflection of uncertainty in the market place due to the election and the subsequent “bad news” that everyone is waiting for. Retailers also have little confidence, unless you are selling Pandora and such.


     What are your most popular items of jewellery?

    We continue to sell earrings and pendants from our core and design-led ranges, but since the introduction of our Equations collection of amber and natural stone charms, we have seen sales in this area grow, with numerous repeat orders. What do you perceive to be the ongoing trend in jewellery design for 2010? Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on which side of the fence you sit: charm beads, Pandora , Love Links, Troll, etc .


     Do you believe new coalition government policies and a predicted increase in VAT could impact retail jewellery sales?

    Yes, badly. Jewellery is not a necessity. Sales will continue in the fashion and the gift sectors, but main stream will be affected for possibly the rest of the year.


     How are you looking to further increase sales over the next year?

     Through advertising, pro active marketing, offering up to date and new collections, price and most importantly service.


    How do you believe the industry has changed over the past twenty five years and where do you see it going?

    I see it becoming more professional with a younger, brighter outlook, branding value for money and excellent and informed service.


     Where do you believe the best opportunities for growth lie in the British jewellery industry?

    That is difficult to say. Give me a crystal ball and I will tell you what follows the “charm bead.” Stacking Rings? Stacking bangles? Truly, I wish I knew.


     Where do you believe the greatest threats to the British jewellery industry lie and what can be learnt from the events of the past?

     The greatest threat comes from itself. Manufacturers and importers need the support of the retail trade, in the same way as we support our customers; to finance them in many cases as well, especially since the banks have made borrowing money difficult.